Service business

For service field entrepreneur the most important features in the POS system are versatile customer registers, cashier breakdown in reports and accounts, appointment scheduler, gift cards, customer loyalty programs. Customers' satisfaction is everything in service business!

We can put together a suitable combination of these features for your POS needs for you whether your business field is beauty, wellness or any other!

SKJ Jeemly – a versatile POS system for service business

Jeemly POS system has comprehensive reports that can be scaled to fit for several entrepreneurs in one place. Same cash register can be used with several users with differend VAT numbers. This is a practical feature for beauty and wellness businesses. You can read more about Jeemly in here or contact us and we'll help you to find a suitable POS system combination.

More about Jeemly!

Tehden cloud-based POS system for service business

Finnish Tehden cloud-based POS system suits perfectly for service business. It includes basic POS functions, billing feature and an optional appointment schedule add-on.

Cloud-based POS system is easy and quick to bring into use. Send us your business information (name, address, contact information) with our contact form or to samuli(dot)metsamarttila(at)metpoint(dot)fi and we'll send you a free trial account!

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