Retail business

We can assemble you a POS system that fits perfectly for any retail business needs. Our tailored solutions range from a simple cash register to a large PC-based POS system with multiple add-ons. With a versatile POS system you can manage your product inventory and analyze reports in addition to the basic cash register functions.

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POS systems

SKJ Jeemly

Flexible SKJ Jeemly POS system can adapt to many different needs. You can manage your physical storefront inventory as well as your online shop inventory at the same time. Jeemly can be adjusted to fit different needs in retail, e.g. in a clothing store there can be several colour and size options for a single product. For tracking customer loyalty program points you can add a RFID reader to Jeemly POS system.

Integrated payment terminals

Verifone Yomani

Verifone Yomani is an easy to use payment terminal that is widely used in grocery stores. Yomani can be only used as an integrated payment terminal meaning there needs to be a POS system connected to it.

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