Seamless cooperation of the kitchen and the dining room is the key to a restaurant's success. An efficient POS system makes sure that all the work runs smoothly and customers are pleased. A reliable POS system guarantees your customers' satisfaction even at busy times.

Support services are an essential part of a succesful service experience. We offer you easy to reach support service 24 hours a day. See more here!

SKJ Jeemly POS system fits perfectly for restaurant's needs:

  • User interface that is easy to modify
  • Versatile product information space: recipes, side dishes and additional space to write text (e.g. preparation instructions)
  • Waiter's handheld tablet cash register can be integrated to the system, orders can be directly viewed in the kitchen
  • Kitchen printer or touch display can be integrated
  • Automatically printed portion receipts that are grouped by tables
  • Kitchen printer slip or the order displayed in the touch display can be forwarded to different places, e.g. to kitchen #1 or #2 or to the bar for preparing the drinks.

See more here!

Payment terminals

Do you need just a basic cash register or a payment terminal? Below is some of our suggestions for restaurants:

Verifone VX680 maksupääte

VX 680 (3G/WLAN)

  • Small and movable wireless payment terminal
  • Splatter-guarded
  • Shockproof
Verifone VX690 maksupääte

VX 690 (3G/WLAN/Bluetooth)

  • Extremely fast wireless payment terminal
  • Long lasting battery

Cash registers

SAM4S ER-265

  • Efficient and reliable cash register
  • Splatter-guarded keyboard
  • Perfect for a bar or a cafe
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