POS systems and payment terminals

Metpoint Oy is specialized in POS systems and operates across Finland.


040 482 3990
Antinkatu 5 / Yrittäjätalo Kööri, 28100 Pori


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Yliopistonkatu 26 B, 20100 Turku


040 724 2990

We offer you POS systems, cash registers and additional devices (printers, barcode scanners, receipt paper etc.) tailored for your needs. We will deliver and install the POS system and devices for you and instruct you with the implementation. There’s also a 24 hour support service available!

A user-friendly, reliable and affordable POS system is a must for any business. Metpoint provides you easy-to-use POS systems that are suitable for either start-up businesses or for larger businesses with several offices. For temporary needs you can rent POS system or devices from us. Our systems can be fit to comply with financial management systems.

Contact us and we’ll make a suitable POS solution for you!


Whether you are a starting entrepreneur or a POS system expert – we’ll find you a perfect match! Contact us!

What's new?

Metpoint Tarvikekauppa web store now open!

Metpoint Tarvikekauppa web store is now open - order your receipt paper or POS / payment terminal equipment here! Web store is currently only available in Finnish. Contact us at metpoint (at) metpoint (dot) fi if you need help with ordering.

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