Start-up business

Our selection also includes small and inexpensive cash registers & payment terminals suited for the needs of a starting business.

Simple cash register for kiosks

SAM4S ER-265EJ cash register

  • Splash-guarded keyboard
  • 1 000 PLUs
  • Payment terminal can be integrated

Handy cash register for mobile needs

CHD 2050 -kassakone

  • Fits on your palm
  • Prints receipts and reports
  • 8 hot keys
  • Perfect for mobile or seasonal business
  • Can be used with a battery add-on

Easy to use integratable payment terminal

Verifone VX 820 PINPAD payment terminal

  • Not battery-powered
  • LAN connection
  • Big display and big buttons
  • can be integrated with SAM4S ER-265EJ cash register
Verifone VX820-lukija

Inexpensive separate payment terminal

VX 520C (LAN/3G)

  • LAN or 3G connection
  • Can be used used with a battery

Planning an event?

Renting a cash register or a payment terminal is a good option for seasonal or short-term need. We'll deliver the devices for you as ready-to-be-used and we'll pick them up after your contract ends.

Read more on renting

Beginner entrepreneur?

Are you looking for a POS system for your starting business? Jeemly POS system is easy-to-use and customizable system that can be easily scaled up when your business grows larger. Read more about Jeemly here.

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