Second hand business

With second hand business compatible POS system you can create table reservations, manage sellers and accounts and print product labels with ease. Now it's time to change pen and paper to Jeemly POS system! Over 100 second hand markets use Jeemly POS system, join the to group of satisfied customers today!

SKJ Jeemly Second hand POS system includes:

  • Management function for sellers and products
  • Tracking seller-specific sales and sales orders
  • Basic POS functions and accounts

SKJ Jeemly and Kirppari-Kalle

Kirppari-Kalle is a Finnish web-based second hand market table reservation system that can be integrated into SKJ Jeemly POS system. Sellers can pay their table reservation fee in Kirppari-Kalle and the payment information goes directly to your POS system.

Sellers can write their product lables in Kirppari-Kalle beforehand and they can be printed at the second hand market place from the POS system. Sellers can view their current sales from Kirppari-Kalle web system in real time.

Benefits of SKJ Jeemly & Kirppari-Kalle combination:

  • You can reserve and manage your tables online
  • Table sales can be trasferred automatically to the sellers bank account
  • Product specific discounts available
  • Product specific commission that can be applied to very expensive products
  • Table sales can be transferred to "charity tables" after the reservation period is over