POS systems

We provide you a high quality selection of cash registers, POS systems and cloud-based POS systems for restaurants, retail stores and service businesses.

SKJ Systems: Jeemly and Flowvy

Jeemly and Flowvy are POS systems from a Finnish POS software business SKJ and they are made to fit several lines of businesses and fully extendable as your business grows. Jeemly is a ready-to-use and simple system for a small or growing business. Flowvy is a multi-channel system with a comprehensive ERP system and online store function and fits for a larger scale businesses. Jeemly and Flowvy have over 2 000 customers across Finland!

Jeemly by SKJ

Jeemly Start

Jeemly is a ready-to-use, practical and simple POS system for growing businesses. Jeemly includes the most basic elements from cash register functions, ERP system and online store systems. Jeemly can be made to suit your business' needs now and in the future.

Basic Jeemly assembly includes a cash register, POS software and the suitable service package, it can be either bought as a single investment or through leasing/renting. Jeemly also has and e-raporting function that can be utilized in accounting firms.

Jeemly equipment package

  • Toshiba cash register computer with touch display
  • Windows operating system that is customized for POS system use
  • Toshiba receipt printer
  • Battery-backed power supply
  • Pre-installed Jeemly POS system
Jeemly by SKJ
  • Ready-to-use POS system
  • Easy and inexpensive
  • Grows together with your business
  • Customizable user interface fits many different needs, e.g. restaurants, second hand markets, pop-up events
  • Jeemly is more than a regular POS system: includes and ERP system and online store functions
Flowvy by SKJ


Flowvy is a multi-channel POS system that combines ERP system and online store system into a manageable wholeness. Flowvy has features fitted for demanding conditions and it's suitable for global business.

  • Fits for larger businesses
  • Manages and grows cash flow in physical and digital settings
  • Suitable for many lines of businesses because of its modular structure
  • Can be scaled from a single store business to a massive chain or wholesale business

Contact us and let's plan a perfect assembly of Flowvy for you!

Cash registers

Our selection includes small and light cash registers suitable for e.g. trade fairs and kiosks, and durable and versatile cash registers for busy and demanding conditions such as restaurants or bars.

SAM4S ER-265

  • Efficient and reliable cash register with a splash-guarded keyboard
  • Fits for several settings, e.g. restaurants, bars, cafes
  • 15 short-cut keys, 1 000 PLUs
  • Includes money compartment box


CHD 2050

  • Small and inexpensive cash register
  • Money compartment box and battery package can be bought separately

We also sell used cash registers for budget prices.

Cloud-based POS systems

In addition to the traditional cash registers we offer you cloud-based POS systems that are operated with your own computer, tablet or smart phone.

Tehden pilvikassat


Tehden cloud-based POS system includes an ERP system with diverse features that is tailored for retail stores. Tehden is produced in Finland and its support service is available in Finnish.

With a monthly subscription fee you get:

  • Cash register functions
  • Reports
  • Customer management
  • Product management
  • Inventory management
  • Billing
  • Purchase orders
  • Sales orders

Available add-ons:

  • Appointment schedule
  • Group appointments
  • Season tickets/customer loyalty programs
  • Online store
  • Debt collection
  • Accounts receivable ledger

Ask for a free trial from samuli.metsamarttila(at)metpoint.fi or our contact form


Solmio® POS system is fast and versatile cloud-based POS system. With practical Solmio® HQ management panel you can view and manage all your cash registers, payment terminals, stores, products and inventories in real time. You can get Solmio® POS system without large initial costs and without commission fees. Android-based Solmio® fits foe many lines of business and it's available for mobile, tablet or browser versions.