Payment terminals

We'll provide you a suitable payment terminal for your needs! Our selection includes wireless payment terminals for movable usage and fixed payment terminals for stores. Payment terminals can be used with a wifi, 3G data plan or with LAN. Certain payment terminals can be integrated into a POS system.

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Verifone payment terminals

VX 680 (wifi/3G)

VX 680 is fit for a demanding setting. It can endure splashes and dust and it's easy to move around. VX 680 can be used with a wifi or a 3G data plan. There's a product add-on available that can print receipts sorted by VATs.

  • Small and portable payment terminal
  • Splash-guarded and shockproof
  • Longlasting battery
  • Colour display
  • Contactless payment reader
  • Wifi or 3G

VX 520C (LAN/3G)

VX 520C payment terminal is suited for a fixed place but it can be moved when needed. Used with a LAN connection or a 3G data plan.

  • Fixed payment terminal
  • AC power and battery operated
  • Additional reader can be added
  • Contactless payment reader
  • LAN or 3G

VX 690 (Bluetooth/wifi/3G)

VX 690 payment terminal is high-speed and wireless. Its appearance is slender and stylish and it's suited for restaurants, bars or trade fairs. It can be used with different connections.

  • Small and practical wireless payment terminal
  • Big colour display
  • Longlasting battery
  • Contactless payment reader
  • Bluetooth, wifi or 3G
  • Suitable for restaurants, bars or trade fairs


VX 820 Duet is a fixed payment terminal using LAN connection. It's suited for retail stores where reliable payment terminal is needed. It has a big display and large buttons for easy usage.

  • Fixed payment terminal for stores
  • Has an integrated stand in the device, easy to hand for a customer for payment
  • AC power
  • Contactless payment reader
  • LAN
  • Big display and large buttons

Yomani (LAN)

Yomani payment terminal is a popular choice in many large store chains for it can be integrated into several POS systems. The device has a guarded keyboard so it's safe to type your pin number.

  • Big and simple colour display
  • Can be integrated into a POS system
  • Guarded keyboard
  • Contactless payment reader
  • LAN

VERIFONE SAIO service packages

Verifone SAIO contract enables you to receive card payments with a singe inexpensive monthly subscription fee. When you combine a Verifone payment terminal and Verifone SAIO contract you ensure that all of your contracts are in one place for easy management. Read more about Verifone SAIO service packages below:


  • Software updates
  • Payment routing service
  • Maintenance contract: For a faulty device the customer will receive a repaired or a compensatory device in 3 working days after Verifone has received the faulty device.
  • Pre-installation data is stored and available from Verifone download center
  • Contract period 36 months


In addition to Basic services:

  • Extended customer service (mon-fi 8-21, sat 9-18, sun 12-18)
  • Reporting service
  • Contract period 24 months

Premium Plus

In addition to Premium services:

  • Premium maintenance: compensatory device is sent during the same working day if the customer has informed about the faulty device before 12 PM, otherwise the compensatory device is sent the next working day. Faulty device must be sent to Verifone in 7 days.
  • Device insurance: Customer's deductible is 195 €/payment terminal
  • Flexi Plus: Customer can change their device type (fixed/wireless) one time during the contract period for free
  • Contract period 24 months